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Lucha Krewe members provide the New Orleans community entertainment through costuming, choreographed dancing, and crowd engagement. We are parade experts with almost 10 years of experience under our Championship belts! Our brand-new trailer and sound system are ready to roll with your parade—large or small. Have a smaller dance krewe event you'd like us to attend? We do that too. In the words of our amazing Dance Captain and Choreographer Andrew,  "Lucha Krewe is your favorite Krewe's favorite Krewe." We bring the party everywhere we go.

Piledrivers are our volunteer support crew who assist in safety and operations during parades, second lines, and other events. Wave one of our flags, carry our wrestling ring, peddle a trike, or just help keep our members hydrated—we love our Piledrivers and make sure you have a great time with us! 

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